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Apple watch bands review

Customer's review

The band if very comfortable and easy to get on/off the wrist. The pattern goes with most of my blue shirts and sweaters. It's very versatile. And my robot watch face loves it--it compliments her blue eyes.


From Alex E.

I had a hard time finding a plain beige band and the few I did find we’re not a nice shade or they had sparkles/Sheen. PROs: perfect nude beige color with no sparkles or sheen, it’s almost like a chiffon material, smooty installs. CONs: this is more of a personal preference, The metal insert is silver Whereas all of my other bands are rose gold or black so The rose gold already matches my watch and for the black i’m able to just switch my watch cover but to me silver is not a popular Apple Watch color so it’s difficult to match nor would I want a silver watch cover. Also as seen in the photo, one end bunches up over the metal piece which I then have to pull out. I added a picture with it in the middle of two others for visual color and material comparison. I have well over 10 scrunchie bands from about 5 different companies and this one is by far my favorite.

Alex E.

From Christal Lane

Band is slightly tight. Don’t think I’ll wear this band all day. Super cute and soft.

Christal Lane

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